7 Important Tips Before going to Mount Bromo

Hearing the word vacation is definitely imagined in your mind is the beach, mountains, the atmosphere of rice fields and all the fun recreational activities. Is it right?

In fact, sometimes our vacation doesn’t go according to plan; tourist attractions that are too crowded, forget to bring important travel documents, or even get sick while on vacation. Well, so that our vacation goes according to our imagination, then there are some things that you must prepare. Check out the full story below!

1. Tourist Destinations, Transportation Tickets, Accommodation and Itinerary

The first thing you must prepare, of course, is to determine your destination. Where are you going on vacation? Are you going to visit nature attractions, playgrounds, ETC. Prepare everything related to your destination, such as travel tickets, accommodation, and also the itinerary. If you are looking for a Mount Bromo Tour, with an affordable price, you can try the tour provided by Awan tour.

Don’t forget to learn a little local language from the country or region you want to visit. By using the local language, you can be more adept at bargaining in the market and explore the lives of the people from the area you are visiting. You can try to use the services of a Awan tour travel agent. They provide Bromo Tour Packages at affordable prices.

2. Vacation leave and vacation time allocation plans

For those who are at work, visiting domestic tourist destinations during national holidays and joint leave may cause some inconveniences such as traffic jams and crowded tourist attractions.

In anticipation of an uncomfortable vacation atmosphere, try to vacation outside of these times if possible. For those of you who work formally in the office, don’t forget to give notification in advance and complete your responsibilities fully.

3. Wallet or Special Folder for Travel Documents

Travel documents can be very troublesome if they are not set up properly. Sort all travel documents by time of use. Then save it to a special wallet (travel wallet) that is easily retrieved whenever you need it while on the go.

The documents that are stored in a special wallet are documents needed for the trip on that one day only. You can update it every day according to your itinerary needs. It’s easy, right? Guaranteed you will be free from the hassles of finding important documents during the trip.

4. Suitcases or backpacks and the list of luggage items

Each type of tour certainly has different needs and types of bags. For those of you who want to go up the mountain, a carrier bag must be the main requirement to carry luggage. Always match your luggage bag with the type of tour you are on. Don’t go up the mountain carrying a suitcase huh! Learn effective and efficient packaging techniques to make it easier for you to travel, including the order in which you will wear.

For those traveling by plane without baggage, do not forget the rule of a maximum of 100 ml of liquid in the cabin so that your goods are not taken by airport officials. Also make a checklist of luggage to avoid your forgetfulness! Now many smartphone applications are available to make a list of luggage according to the type of travel. Practical and time saving, right?

5. Toiletries

Although you can stay overnight in accommodations that provide toiletries, it doesn’t hurt to bring important toiletries such as brushes and toothpaste and facial washing soap. Sunscreen is also important to always carry, especially if you do a lot of outdoor activities during the day.