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Extraordinary Learning Program at St Andrews International School

One credible international school in Thailand is St Andrews, located in Bangkok. It’s been running for quite a long time. This international school is designed with unique learning programs and systems. The following are unique learning programs at St Andrews international school that you should know about: British Curriculum As an international school, St Andrews […] Read More

3 Ways to Increase Children’ Enthusiasm for Learning

Increase children’s spirit in learning is indeed not easy, especially for mothers who spend a lot of time with children. Children at an early age often refuse to learn and still have no idea about the benefits of learning.

What to do if your child does not understand the benefits of learning?

Of course,...

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Creative children are better at making decisions than those who are not. Children will be more daring to innovate when they think creatively. Children also become more independent in creative learning.

Creativity has an impact on children’s success as adults...

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5 Tips To Be Acceptable at Your Favorite College

Being accepted as a new student at a well-known university has pride for oneself, family, siblings, area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin, considering that not all High School graduates can be accepted either through the test without a test or with a test...

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