If you are considering adding to your jewellery collection, then buying vintage jewellery is an amazing way to do it. There are so many benefits to vintage jewellery, including how sustainable it is, its better value for money, the quality of craftsmanship is unparalleled and the gemstones are natural. Whether you are looking for a vintage engagement ring for a loved one or a piece for yourself, you should certainly learn about the benefits so you can make an informed decision. So, let’s see the benefits to see if it’s the right fit for you!


More Sustainable


The first benefit of choosing vintage jewellery is the fact that it is a much more sustainable option. The modern jewellery industry is extremely exploitative, dangerous and destructive to the environement and societies. So, if not contributing to these practices is an option with vintage jewellery, that’s a great thing!

With vintage jewellery, the process has already happened in a time well before mass production, so it would have been far less damaging to the environment. Additionally, as it’s already happened and a beautiful piece of jewellery has been produced, this should be taken advantage of rather than wasting resources to create more jewellery.


So, if you are environmentally conscious, then going for vintage jewellery is a great option.


Better Value For Money


Another benefit of vintage jewellery is that it is far better value for money. As the piece of vintage jewellery has already been purchased once, it is VAT exempt. So, you can get the same quality ring, with the same quality gemstones and metals, for 20% cheaper. For example, you could buy an art deco engagement ring containing a diamond with the same carat, cut, clarity and colour as a modern one, but for way way less.  This is a major draw for some people, as you can afford an amazing ring that you might not have been able to otherwise. If you have a slightly lower budget, then a vintage ring can be a great idea.


Quality of Craftsmanship


Also, the quality of craftsmanship that was used to create vintage jewellery was impeccable. The skill of the people making the jewellery is very rarely found now, as mass production has taken over. As a result, it is rare that you find lovely unique pieces of jewellery that are one of a kind. With vintage jewellery, almost every piece will be completely unique, which adds to the beauty massively. This quality also means that the pieces have remained in exceptional condition.


A Significant History


Although there are so many benefits to vintage jewellery, the last one that we are going to discuss is the significant history behind each piece. These pieces of jewellery have been around for decades, if not centuries, and even thousands of years in some cases, so will have a huge history behind them. When you go to a certified vintage jeweller, they should be able to give you quite a detailed history, although it may not go right back to the start if they are particularly old. Nevertheless, having a piece of vintage jewellery in your wardrobe means that you can add to the story within your family!

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