When working in the loan modification, mortgage, debt, or even education industry, Media buying can sky rocket your company straight to the top. Generating leads is a continually successful practice because companies spend all their time finding individuals who want specific products or services. Some companies sell quality leads, while others just want to make a quick buck. Therefore, the key to making leads work in your favor is to make sure you are buying quality leads. Why waste time and money buying leads that won’t help your company grow?

First, you should know how exclusive your lead is. If you are purchasing such leads, you should meet or extend your closing rates. Exclusive leads are normally more costly then other types of leads, and therefore should close more frequently. Some sellers try to squeeze out as much money from each leader as they can buy selling them to more than one consumer. This is an issue because you are getting a used lead. Perhaps one of your competitors already used this lead and it didn’t work out, and now you are being sold the same lead. Definitely not a good lead, so even if that lead was highly qualified in terms of what your company has to sell, this potential customer is being attacked by multiple salespeople. Each of whom are trying to make a successful sale. Everyone is a consumer, so we all know what its like to be harassed by salespeople. Do you think this potential customer is going to buy your product or service after someone else tried to sell the same thing? The answer is NO; this is why you purchase leads from a company you can trust. Underground Elephant only sells fresh, quality leads that we generate daily. We don’t sell you old, used leads like most companies.

Second, it is important that what you buy is screened by professionals. If the leads you buy are not related to the products you sell then its wasted money. Screening leads also help make sure all the information is correct. Who knows if you’re buying bogus leads? People could just type in random addresses and fake names so you need a company to check this information. Sadly, some companies are not thorough in their screening.

What have we learned? In the lead generation company, there are a large number of companies that can’t be trusted. Some companies can sell recycled, old, unscreened leads that leave you with a horrible closing rate. Why waste your time talking to companies and negotiating prices when you can come to us. We promise a fair price for quality leads of all kinds. Mortgage, debt, loan modification, tax, bankruptcy, insurance and aged data leads.

In the lead generation business, it is hard to figure out who to buy leads from. There are a large number of competitors in the business, but only a few sell quality leads. Perhaps you are looking for the cheapest leads, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will close as often. If they’re cheap they don’t mean quality, or a fresh lead for that matter. Some competitors recycle their leads over and over. Bottom line, buy from us and you won’t have to worry about the quality of your lead.

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