How Stock Market News Affects Your Trading Strategy

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News is an integral part of any financial market. It can tell the buying or selling of shares, signal when interest rates will rise or fall and even effect the behavior of investors in general. The role of the stock market is further explored further by looking at what kinds of news the marketplace provides. News related to companies in the manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, financial services and technology sectors are very critical to investors overall health. While the importance of the market for overall economic stability cannot be disputed, specific news is relevant to each sector’s ability to respond to its shifts in the environment.

In today’s financial markets technical analysis relies on watching stock market news to attempt and determine what direction that a particular stocks’ stock is moving in. Technical analysts spend long periods of time charting stock prices and noting trends and movements. The role …

CBSE Appointed Manoj Ahuja as New Chairman

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has got a new Chairman for the board. Manoj Ahuja, IAS was appointed as the new chairman as a part of a major bureaucratic reshuffle effected by the Centre on 12th May 2020. Manoj Ahuja has replaced his successor Anita Karwal.

CBSE has made this announcement by officially releasing the statement, “CBSE gets new Chairman Manoj Ahuja, IAS (OR:90), Special Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Department of Personnel and Training.” The Board has also shared this information through a tweet.

From now onwards, Manoj Ahuja will take charge of class 10 and 12 board exams. He will also look towards the remaining board exams which will commence between 1 to 15 July 2020. You can learn more about with CBSE here. In this article, you will know all about the organisational structure of CBSE.

Organisation Setup of the

How can School Students Build a Study Atmosphere at Home?

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Schools are the best place for students to study; there are teachers who teach them, classmates who learn along and a complete learning atmosphere. But as the classes get dismissed and students are back home, they come in their comfort zone. It is seldom hard for them to focus and learn with all the diversions present at home. Especially while studying conceptual subjects such as Maths and Science, it requires logical thinking and efforts to understand. For example, to solve algebraic expressions step by step, it needs thorough focus by students. Hence, to develop a learning environment at home, students can use the following tips given here.

Remove the Distractions

Any environment should be distraction-free to study. The preferences differ for each student. Some find peace in their drawing room and some are comfortable in their bedroom to learn. But whichever places students choose, they should make sure there is …

Character Education Background: The Legal Basis for Character Education in Thailand

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Education is one of the most important things for children in Thailand. Until now, there are still many parents who do not care about the education of their children. Although the government has provided adequate facilities to provide International School Bangkok for children to get an education, there are still those who don’t heed it. Therefore, the government uses it as a background for character education in Thailand today.

Apart from the low level of awareness of education, the majority of people in Thailand also lack moral and ethical education for this nation’s generation. Character education carried out by the government aims to provide education to students so that they can develop their character and character appropriately.

Law as a Character Education Background

In the Law that discusses education in Thailand, there is a law that discusses national education as one of the character education backgrounds currently being applied, namely …

Which are the Important Excel Functions and Formulas Needed for Business Analytics

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As a business analyst, you must know the Excel functions and formula thoroughly. After working on something for hours, if you choose an incorrect formula, data analysis fails. It might seem easier to do a manual calculation than falling into the trap again.

Excel has over hundreds of formulas and functions. It is overwhelming to find the right match for correct analysis. However, if you get the basics right, it shouldn’t be a problem.


In an Excel sheet, you can add cells easily. However, if you want additional cells only under certain conditions, SUMIF function can help.

It allows you to get the sum total of a range only after fulfilling certain specific criteria. If you want to add multiple conditions, use SUMIFs.

Simply put, there are many such logic functions in Excel, which you can use according to a requirement. For example, Excel IF, AND, OR, …

The Best Times to Replace Your School’s Furniture

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Over time, school furniture undergoes heavy wear and tear and eventually it comes to the point where it needs to be replaced. Occasionally you can get away with just replacing a few items and/or parts here and there over the school year; but when you need to replace school furniture on a larger scale, it’s important to realize the best times to go about the endeavor.

Summer Break

Obviously, summer break is the very best time to replace furniture in your school. Extended student absence allows you the time to assess what needs replacing, determine how best to replace it, have it delivered, assemble it if necessary, and set it up in the classrooms or communal spaces with time to spare before students return. Employees also return to work before the students do, so you have the labor you need available to get your new furniture distributed quickly and efficiently. …