Tips for Design Bathroom

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Planning a tile structure properly can help in the process of preparation, placement, to determine what equipment is needed. Imperfect planning certainly will not produce perfect results.

Have a good plan

To achieve perfect results, you have to plan every detail. Do you want a shower, bathtub, or even both? With the design white bathroom tiles Or nature’s stone floors? Everything must be planned at the beginning. Also, make sure electricity which will be used were neatly arranged behind the bathroom wall. Other details such as medicine cabinet, mirrored lamps in the bathroom, etc. must be prepared early.

Re-check the tile size

 The biggest mistake that often happens is to choose the wrong tile size. You should buy a sample tile and try to put it in your bathroom, Then soak the tile in water to ensure quality. Sometimes to install a bathroom floor, tiles must be cut to fill …

Overcome the Complexity of IT Systems with Devops

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As we know, DevOps is a work culture in the IT environment which can have a significant influence on the development of IT systems. Structured way of working is needed in the era of digital transformation that is rapidly changing. Speed ​​in meeting new features to improve your business services is a must. But sometimes the fulfillment encounters problems, such as version incompatibility and so on. Worse, it can cause running services to stop. Then questions arise such as: “how to overcome the difficulties of the system?” Consult with Limepoint.

DevOps Work Culture

DevOps is an approach in IT practice that is increasingly ideal to be applied as a work culture. This work culture is aimed at a situation that requires continuous development and updates in IT. The DevOps work pattern combines the developer (Dev) and operational (Ops) sections in a collaborative environment. So, Testing modules or additional features …