The coronavirus pandemic currently occurring can indeed affect many aspects of human life. One of the things that may be experienced by many is insomnia. Are you one of them? If so, let’s take a look at this psychologist’s explanation!

Why sleep is important to deal with the Corona Virus?

Not a few people have complained about sleep disturbances during the COVID-19 pandemic. sleep and COVID are the right way to optimal immunity. When immunity is good, viral infections and diseases can resolve.

On the other hand, getting enough sleep can maximize your potential to have a better day.

Not only good for endurance, many studies have proven that getting enough sleep and quality is also good for overall health.

For example, it helps regulate mood (mood), improves brain function, and increases energy and overall productivity during the day.

That’s why getting enough sleep is important to prevent coronavirus infection and other diseases. If you are currently experiencing sleep disturbances, immediately find out the cause so that it can fix quickly.

Causes of Difficulty Sleeping During the Corona Virus Pandemic

There are several causes of insomnia that are common amid the coronavirus pandemic, namely:

  • Stress

Excessive stress is a major factor that keeps a person from sleeping. Increased stress and information overload, can make the mind “race”.

This condition can increase the response of the body’s stimulation system, thereby triggering insomnia.

People usually have difficulty sleeping because of habit changes. They are not used to new things, then stress occurs.

  • Experience anxiety

Sleep disturbances can also be caused by anxiety that arises after reading the latest COVID-19 updates.

For example, regarding the shortage of medical personnel, the lack of PPE, the increasing death rate, and the worsening economic condition.

  • Playing Gadgets

Another factor is the blue light from your device. Blue light tells the brain to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin, which can cause trouble sleeping.

  • Changing Habits

Loss of structure (habits) during the day can disrupt sleep schedules at night. Inconsistent sleep and wake times can create stress. The ability to sleep becomes less predictable.

The combination of a depressed mood, more downtime, and low energy can promote long naps. It also makes it harder for you to fall asleep at night.

What Sleep Disorders Might Happen

When these causes occur, there are several sleep disorders that you may experience, namely:

1. Insomnia

More at home can make you look at the cellphone screen more often.

As mentioned above, this habit will lead to insomnia because the blue light from the screen tells the brain to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin.

2. Fragmented Sleep

What is sleep fragmentation? In short, it is a state of restful sleep.

Sufferers do not have difficulty sleeping at night but often wake up at night every few hours. These are often caused by major stressors, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

“The brain processes information during sleep. When you spend more time at home, you may feel pressure at home. When the brain processes this additional stress, you may wake up frequently at night,” says Dr. Peters-Mathews, a sleep expert from the United States.

3. A disturbing dream

Disturbing dreams (what most people call nightmares) are closely related to frequent waking at night.

Dreaming is a characterization of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, as well as a faster pulse and breathing. This occurs at intervals during the night.

Tips to Sleep Quietly During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Don’t worry, you can still sleep soundly during the current corona pandemic. Here are some tips from a psychologist:

  • Identify what causes stress. Then, try to do activities that are fun and calm to reduce stress.
  • If you are afraid because of the corona news, try to limit your consumption of news. Don’t just keep an eye on the news because it can make you more anxious.
  • Before going to bed, try relaxing breathing. This is very helpful because the air can feel smooth, there is a sensation of air entering the body that can make it calm.
  • You can use aromatherapy in the room. This can help your body relax so that when it’s time to go to bed, you will be calmer.
  • Also, do activities that require the body to move a lot. When energy is channeled, stress can be distracted and the body becomes tired. So, when you sleep at night, you can immediately fall asleep.

Difficulty sleeping is a real problem in the current coronavirus pandemic. But, don’t panic and get more stressed. Do the tips above so you can sleep soundly so that your immune system increases.

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