In running a successful business, promotion is one of the important things that you have to do. Now in making a successful promotion, marketing that you have to do is divided into 3 phases, those are:

  • Internal meetings
  • Making the Promotion Program and display materials
  • Promotion publications

For successful and efficient promotions, 4 things must be considered, such as:

1. Bright ideas that must be supported by good design, photography and good production results

Designing a clear promotional material, attractive and easy to remember, it usually can have the effect of increasing sales. In the digital visual era, the use of appropriate promotional displays can contribute to the success of your business promotion. Determining from the start whether you want to use digital signage, kiosk, or banner. If you are looking for an experienced kiosk installation service, you can use the services of Rhenus Luprians. They are kiosk installation companies that can provide kiosk installation solutions for customers.

2. Determine Promotion Time

Promotion time determines the success of the program, for example, shrimp promotion when the price of shrimp is good or adjusts to the public interest. Promotion time is usually 2-3 months, then replace it with another one. You can choose to create a 6-month promotional program for a product but can be added with a supportive promotion in the middle of a period of 6 months.

It is important to remember to stop when you have to stop when the program has been finished and start to create a new program, even if it is similar or repeat the previous one that you should present with a new presentation.

In the beginning, the program results might not be as good as expected, so there should be effort and patience and persistence to continue the promotion.

3. Preparing design and promotional material

Design and promotional materials that are relevant to our business brand are very important. Try to place promotional materials that you have made on the LCD media, posters, x banners, table display cards (tent card), menu cards tucked behind the cover.

Determine the location of the installation of banners and other media so that the campaign is run more effectively. The theme has been chosen should be suitable for the current trend/period/season. Matching the theme with the thing being promoted can provide a comforting effect on the minds of the customers.

Material design is very important as a means of information inside a restaurant, making sure it is easy to digest and interesting to read/see.

Besides attractive and informative design, promotional alignment needs to be prepared with the applicable provisions, period and what is obtained.

4. Preparing the Budget

Prepare the right promotional budget, spend on what is necessary to support the promotion, not save for what is necessary. Sometimes there are many areas of business that are half-heartedly promoted so that the results are not optimal, it is important to remember in a promotion that what is important is exposure in certain media so that many people know the promotion of your business brand.

The BEP (Break-Even Point) calculation must be complete so that your promotional budget is right and can be used for the second promotional costs. An increase in sales or sales in the first promotion must be able to cover the initial capital of the promotion.

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