As we know, DevOps is a work culture in the IT environment which can have a significant influence on the development of IT systems. Structured way of working is needed in the era of digital transformation that is rapidly changing. Speed ​​in meeting new features to improve your business services is a must. But sometimes the fulfillment encounters problems, such as version incompatibility and so on. Worse, it can cause running services to stop. Then questions arise such as: “how to overcome the difficulties of the system?” Consult with Limepoint.

DevOps Work Culture

DevOps is an approach in IT practice that is increasingly ideal to be applied as a work culture. This work culture is aimed at a situation that requires continuous development and updates in IT. The DevOps work pattern combines the developer (Dev) and operational (Ops) sections in a collaborative environment. So, Testing modules or additional features can always be tested together, before being released to the public.

The most important DevOps principle is, carry out continuous development, carry out continuous testing, and get feedback from the operational and end-users. So that the quality of the application is maintained and meets the system requirements. This can be referred to as pipelines in the world of DevOps.

The goal of DevOps is to accelerate the creation of new features on your system continuously without having to worry about causing systemic damage.

Container System

To overcome system difficulties, there are various devices that can be used. One of them is using Limepoint services. With container devices that can isolate the development, testing, and delivery of application systems, the risk of system errors can be minimized.

Problems in developing IT systems often arise because the developers already feel that their programming code is correct and can be run. On the other hand, the user or the operational part feels that it is not yet stable. If in the past this was done separately, it has now been incorporated in the DevOps environment. So before the feature is released, testing can be done and if both parties agree that it is stable then only then released. This is one of the most effective ways to overcome the complexity of IT today.

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