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Human sperm is a robust anti-oxidant that is stated to diminish wrinkles and easy the pores and skin. Kelly mixes the gloopy pure product with moisturiser for a smoother utility, conceding it goes ‘flakey’ because it dries and that it could presumably be ‘onerous to keep up the supply’ when you’re single. Kelly Zolanski, 26, from New York, was first inspired to use the bodily fluid after seeing a video on-line about how much ‘nutrients and protein’ sperm accommodates, and decided to offer it a go for an all-natural glow.

The idea …

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Confidence is not something that you are born with, it is something that you build for yourself. It is the foundation of who you are and how you show up in the world. True self-conficence is not thinking you are better than others, it is recognizing your own unique value. When you're self-confident, you're more likely to take risks and seize opportunities. You're also better able to withstand setbacks and recover from failures.