Santa Barbara Museum Of Art Hosts Dia De Los Muertos Celebration News Channel 3-12

After Tuymans appealed the ruling, the pair got here to a reportedly amicable but confidential out-of-court settlement in October. Appropriation artists continue to have a tricky time, as Richard Prince and Gagosian can attest to. In February, Prince’s instagram art, on view on the gallery, prompted cease-and-desist letters from photographer Donald Graham, whose image of a Rastafarian was uploaded to an Instagram account and subsequently appropriated by Prince. Some AI art generators—like NewProfilePic and the just lately popular Lensa with its Magic Avatar feature—have allowed anybody to turn their selfies into highly stylized artworks that seem like they belong in a museum or on a movie poster. This has been a enjoyable intersection of art, photography, and social media for the public, but it has additionally led to the belief of a a lot bigger downside. As a variety of artists have spoken up, it has turn out to be …

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