Norwich Rugby Manager, 54, Becomes Club’s Oldest-ever Player

The man in the photographs wore the identical apparel as Central Michigan’s coaches and different sideline personnel, as well as sunglasses for the night time game at Spartan Stadium. Guyton might be energetic for the first time since Week 3 of the 2022 season, when he tore his ACL. He probably won’t instantly return to a distinguished role within the offense in his first sport motion in additional than a 12 months, however the timing could not be better with Mike Williams misplaced for the season and Joshua Palmer out with a knee injury. Derius Davis returned a punt for an 87-yard touchdown before the Chargers ever received the ball and the protection took over from there, holding the Jets to only six points behind eight sacks and three fumble recoveries. That kept the Chargers to only 25 minutes and 33 seconds time of possession and meant only 51 offensive …

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