Whenever someone says that they work in the field of medicine, the question of “what do you do?” is sure to follow soon. That question is asked because saying that you work in medicine could mean anything. Careers in medicine vary so greatly that one person working in one branch could be in the laboratory and another could be working with patients. Children often say that they want to be a doctor when they grow up, but only those who are really serious about that career move will have a specific branch that they will work towards. One thing that is certain is that all branches of medicine work together to provide healing and promote health to those who need it. While most branches may not work together directly, they are all part of the same interdisciplinary team. Here are some of the branches of medicine that those who want to study medicine might want to consider.


Pharmacists are chemists whose main focus is the study and application of different medications and how they affect the body. The primary goal of a pharmacist is to distribute drugs and medications that have been prescribed by a doctor to the patients. Pharmacists also advise patients on the dosage of medicine, as well as warn patients about possible side effects.


The branch of dentistry may be the calling for many people who wish to study medicine. Dentistry is the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases or disorders of the mouth and teeth. Oral care is an important part of overall health and wellness and dentists help millions of people achieve that.

Speech Therapists

People who study speech language pathology are known as speech therapists. Speech therapists help many different people and cover a wide range of problems or disorders. Infants and small children with speech, language or developmental delays can benefit from speech therapy sessions. Speech therapists may also assist adults who had a stroke or other disorders that have negatively affected speech patterns.


Dietitians work and assist in a variety of different branches of medicine. Dietitians are experts in the study of health and nutrition. They give advice to people about how to live a healthy lifestyle, which is an important part of every branch of medicine.

These are just a few branches that make up the wide interdisciplinary team of medical professionals. Those who wish to go into the medical field should do full research to determine which branch would be the best fit for them.

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