Karate is a sport that is in great demand, both from parents, teenagers, and even children. Interest in karate movements and a sense of wanting to protect oneself from evil make karate a popular choice in today’s martial arts sport.

Although many love and follow karate, it turns out that not everyone can become a professional karate athlete. Basically, to become a professional karate athlete, you must start early so that your techniques are easier to learn.

To become a karate athlete, start doing frequent vigorous physical training. One of the most basic physical exercises to do is push ups. Push ups in karate themselves have certain stages. At first, push ups are done as usual, then after your body gets used to it, push ups are done by clenching your fists.

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The essence of push-ups while clenching your fists is to strengthen your hands so that your punches are also stronger. A karate athlete will experience calluses on the hands of a karate athlete if enough push ups are done and this indicates progress in basic training.

Other exercises such as running and breathing exercises should also be done frequently to get a good balance of body and mind. This is because the essence of karate is a calm attack so that it is not only the physical one that is trained, but also the emotions that are felt.

If you feel strong enough, then register yourself at a karate dojo which has produced many of the best karate athletes. From this karate dojo you will get good and correct karate training. To become a karate athlete, you don’t have to have a black belt because karate competitions that are held both nationally and internationally are carried out according to the belt color level.

The white belt is the earliest belt, then the yellow belt, the green belt, the blue belt, the brown belt, and finally the black belt. For black belts, usually worn by trainers or sensei / sempai. To participate in a national or international competition, the dojo usually receives information from the Ministry of Youth and Sports or the Indonesian Traditional Karate Federation (FKTI).

The coaches will choose who deserves to enter the championship, then register them directly. After passing the selection in the regions, then these athletes can participate in national or international championships.

But unfortunately, karate is a bit difficult to participate in the Olympics because there are too many karate branches with their own characteristics. However, at present, traditional karate is recognized by the IOC within the framework of the World Karate Federation but still has to be followed by other types of karate.

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